Friday, August 7, 2009

It's All About the Clothes

Isn't it, though? People are always talking about the clothes. I have been wearing the same old clothes my whole life. They are cute, let me tell you. But I'll tell you a little secret: My mom is getting tired of them and she wants more variety. Most of my 0-3 month clothes still fit me. But the other day I wore an outfit that was kind of getting too small, and my Mommy was so happy because she figured I should just move right up into my 3-6 month clothes. So far I have worn two 3-6 month outfits, but most of them are too big for me still. So, much to Mommy's disappointment, I will still be wearing the 0-3 clothes for a little while.

I think she's just excited for me to move up. After all, my brothers only wore 0-3 month clothes for...maybe a month. (Those chunky monkies!)

Well, like I said before, I like pink. I have told my Mommy that it's my favorite color. It's true that I can't talk, but I can almost guarantee you that I will never have a diaper explosion if I'm wearing pink. I save the real messy ones for when I'm wearing yellow or purple or green or white or anything but pink. Mommy's getting the hang of it. If she has a really busy day, she will dress me in pink because she knows she doesn't have time to clean me up and change my clothes.

I love my Mommy. She takes really good care of me and she smiles at me all the time. I love when she holds me close. We have a good thing going here.

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